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One person's loss is another's treasure

January 21, 2020

Funds raised from the collection of lost cash left unclaimed in the Gold Coast Airport terminal are being put to good use, with the airport team making a surprise donation to local charities.

Three local charities, including Friends of the Pound at Tweed Heads, Neptune Royal Life Saving Club at Tallebudgera Creek, and GIVIT’S bushfire appeal will each receive an equal share of the $5,000 donation.

Donations of $1,660 were deposited into the bank accounts of the charities just before Christmas and in January. The money was raised through the collection of unclaimed cash left in the terminal during 2019 as well as the sale of other items.

Gold Coast Airport Chief Operating Officer Marion Charlton said while it was disappointing for those who may have lost their money, she was pleased to be able to put it to good use.

“Not-for-profit organisations tend to need more support at this time of the year than ever, so it is wonderful to be able to assist,” she said.

“Between lost property and the sale of other items, we have $5,000 to donate to three great causes close to our hearts.

“While our team does everything possible to try to reunite our customers with their lost goods, including lost cash, sometimes we are unable to do so. We save these funds to donate to those in need – every little bit helps.”

In addition to cash, other lost property such as bags, sunglasses and clothes left in the terminal, which if left unclaimed is donated to local homeless charity ‘You Have a Friend’ each month.

Stray pets will find some more support through a donation to Tweed Heads-based charity Friends of the Pound, which will use the money to help pay for much-needed air-conditioning repairs at their new home in Corporation Circuit.

Friends of the Pound President Sonia Trichter said the donation couldn’t have come at a better time.

“The air conditioning unit at our centre in Corporation Circuit decided that it had had enough on the hottest day in January and stopped working,” she said.

“The cost of the repairs will be $1720.20, which is money that we did not have lying around.

“So the airport’s donation will make a huge difference to the comfort of our volunteers, our customers and the foster cats waiting for adoption at our Pre Loved Adoption Centre.”

Funds bound for Neptune Royal Life Saving Club will go towards supporting the volunteers who run their Accessible Beaches program helping wheelchair-bound people swim at Tallebudgera Creek, while victims of the recent bushfires will receive support through a donation to GIVIT.

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