Art & Entertainment

The Curatorium Advisory Committee 

Gold Coast Airport’s Curatorium Advisory Committee is responsible for enriching the airport's cultural landscape through the development of a long-term art strategy.

The Committee combines artistic expertise from the Gold Coast and Northern New South Wales regions and continues to work closely with local First Nations leaders and stakeholders to identify art to be displayed within the terminal that is authentic, inclusive, brave and responsible.

Art at Gold Coast Airport

Gold Coast Airport is committed to creating a sense of place through the artwork displayed within the terminal and broader airport precinct.

Drawing inspiration from its unique cross-border location and surrounded by the natural beauty of the Pacific Ocean and Cobaki Broadwater, the airport is committed to creating positive visitor experiences through the integration of local art and cultural immersion

Meet Our Featured Artist


Gold Coast Airport’s AmbassaPAW Programme engages volunteer therapy dogs to help alleviate the stress often associated with travelling. We currently have therapy dogs available throughout the week as follows:

Tuesday: Bonnie
Wednesday: Alice
Thursday: Chappie
Friday: Lucy


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