Flying with children doesn't need to be stressful, even if it's just you and your little ones. Below are some handy hints to make sure your journey is an easy one.


Some airlines have special child, toddler and baby meals available which can be requested at the time of reservation, other airlines serve limited in-flight meals. It's best to make sure you are well prepared with appropriate food and drink packed for the trip. Carry biscuits, water, juice & snacks for your kids. All are available at the stores in the retail area of the terminal.

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Please visit individual airline websites for their policy on taking meals and baby bottles on board.


Toilets with dedicated parents' rooms are available throughout the airport – both in the Check-in and Departures halls.

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Develop a plan before you leave bearing in mind check-in times for your flight. Remember to allow extra time for airport car parking, traffic delays and road works. Ensure you view our location map before you leave to obtain directions.

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To help with your travel experience there is a designated 'Family and Screening Assistance' line at the main screening point.

Make sure you allow plenty of time to arrive at the boarding gate particularly when travelling on international flights. If you have time on your side your whole party will be stress free which will rub off on your children – happy children equals happy parents! If travelling with infants and young children, you will be invited to board the aircraft before other passengers whenever possible.


During takeoff and landing you must nurse your baby. Your baby or young child may cry on take-off and landing due to the brief 'popping' in their ears as cabin pressure adjusts to altitude. This is perfectly normal. By giving your baby a bottle or breastfeeding at this time, you will help to relieve the 'popping' sensation. For older children and for yourself, the 'popping' can be simply alleviated by chewing on a toffee or sweet.


An activity book has been created for children traveling through Gold Coast Airport. This activity book has activities that can be completed along each step of the terminal journey. There is a I-spy for children to find different things, colouring and a find a word. Checklists are also included of some of the important things we all have to do.  Children can tick off when they have completed such as check-in, security checks and boarding the plane.

Download the Activity Book:


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