All domestic and international flights operate from the same terminal, at opposite ends. Check in for domestic and international flights is at the same location, at the northern end of the terminal building. After checking in, all passengers must make their way through the main screening area. International passengers must then proceed through the departure lounge to the southern end of the terminal, into the new International Terminal building.


Domestic passengers, friends and loved ones must be screened before entering the sterile area (the secure part of the terminal – departure lounge). Personal effects are x-rayed and people entering must pass through a metal detector. This is supplemented by random checks for explosives. Please refer to your airline for specific information about baggage.


If you are travelling internationally from Gold Coast Airport you must be screened in the main security area and make your way through the departure lounge to the southern end of the terminal, into the new International Terminal building. Once in the International Terminal, passengers must undergo a an additional screening process to comply with international regulations which includes random body scanning and screening of powders, liquids, aerosols and gels (PLAGs).

Keep informed with
Travel Secure
the Australian Government’s travel security website. For Quarantine information contact the
Department of Agriculture
or phone 1800 900 090.


The Australian Government provides a number of great resources to assist you with any enquiries you may have relating to Customs and boarding security. Visit the
Border Force website
for more information.


After arriving at Gold Coast Airport, please collect your luggage and clear Customs and Border Protection (if arriving internationally) prior to your next flight. Once you have all your items, proceed to the check in area. Once you have checked in, head through security. If you are travelling internationally, please make sure you leave enough time to clear the international security point.

If you have significant time in between flights, why not utilise the lockers near the short term car park at the front of the terminal to store your luggage and enjoy the Gold Coast? Gold Coast Airport is located within walking distance to Kirra Beach and a three minute taxi or Surfside Bus to Coolangatta. Take the time exploring the local alfresco restaurants, boutique shops, cafes and beaches or go for a swim.


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