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The property vision for the Gold Coast Airport is to expand its role as an economic and aviation hub in the south-east Queensland and northern New South Wales region. Our aim is to continue growing as a business and education destination, anchored by an International Airport.

The Gold Coast Airport has made great progress in achieving this vision with the completion of the Ivy Pearce Commercial Building, expansion of the Southern Cross University, proposed new hotel and approved new terminal expansion that will provide a high-quality experience for all travellers.

Property development is an important component of an airport’s operations, assisting economic feasibility and enhancing the multi-purpose focus of an airport. Future property development at Gold Coast Airport will align with our development objectives and support our status as an economic and transport hub for the south east Queensland and northern New South Wales regions.

We would love the opportunity to work together with you to achieve the goals you have in mind for your business, whether that is at the Terminal, the wider airport precinct, or our external landholdings.

A variety of ground transport operators are utilised to safely and efficiently move customers to and from Gold Coast Airport. These include shuttle buses, taxis, courtesy coaches, ride share, limousines and charter buses.