Gold Coast Airport is owned and operated by Queensland Airports Limited. We welcomed about 4.4 million passengers in FY22 - connecting the Gold Coast and northern New South Wales to the rest of the country and beyond.

Gold Coast Airport is the gateway to Australia's premier tourist destination and its unique location services both South East Queensland and northern New South Wales.

Gold Coast Airport Pty Ltd is the airport-lessee company for Gold Coast Airport. Situated on Commonwealth land, Gold Coast Airport is primarily governed by the following federal legislation:

Gold Coast Airport is located in a unique position with the Queensland and New South Wales state border cutting straight through its runway. The aerodrome primary serves the Gold Coast and Tweed tourism industry with leisure based travel accounting for an estimated 75% of all regular public transport traffic.

Gold Coast Airport recognises the important role the community plays in our ongoing success. Our sponsorship and community support programs are aimed at forming active and mutually beneficial relationships with organisations and communities, not just through financial support, but through contributing and transferring skills, expertise and knowledge.


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