Gold Coast Airport is one of Australia’s fastest growing airports, now welcoming more than 6.4 million passengers annually.

The airport is the gateway to Australia’s premier tourist destination and its unique location services both South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales.

Our History

In 1936, the site of Gold Coast Airport was selected as an emergency landing ground for aircraft flying between Sydney and Brisbane and in 1939, the first regular passenger transport (RPT) services commenced.

Construction of the northern part of the original terminal was completed in the early 1950s when annual passenger movements were approaching 12,000. By 1958 the runway and taxiways were sealed along with the access road and car park, and a light aircraft apron was delivered.

Construction of the existing terminal complex began in 1980 and was opened by the Deputy Prime Minister, the Rt Hon. Douglas Anthony, when it was officially named the Eric Robinson Building. By 1981 passenger movements were 656,595 per year.

The Federal Government owned and operated the airport up until January 1988, when ownership was taken over by The Federal Airports Corporation, a government business enterprise. Government policy changes saw the airport privatised in 1998 with Queensland Airports Limited (QAL) being the successful tenderer and taking the role of Airport Leasing Company.

Since then, Gold Coast Airport has continued to provide the Gold Coast and Northern New South Wales regions with an exceptional level of customer service while recognising the key role it plays in tourism and other business activities within the dynamic holiday destination.

In 2016, works commenced for the major terminal redevelopment Project LIFT which will increase the terminal’s capacity to meet future demand. Project LIFT will include expansion of the terminal building, additional aircraft parking stands and a consolidated ground transport facility.


As one of Australia’s fastest growing airports, Gold Coast Airport offers employees a dynamic and fast-paced working environment, where no two days are the same. Supported by a strong and passionate team of hardworking individuals, Gold Coast Airport offers employment opportunities across a broad range of fields including management, maintenance, airside safety, and customer service.

Gold Coast Airport is owned and operated by Queensland Airports Limited (QAL). QAL aims to be an employer of choice in the regions it serves, as part of its vision to engage customers, connect communities, and provide exceptional experiences.

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Air transport statistics at Gold Coast Airport are based on the performance of domestic and international flights to and from GCA.

Recent performance as follows:

Domestic and International Passenger Traffic

 Domestic PassengersGrowth %International PassengersGrowth %Total Passengers Total Growth %
Jan '16517,0249.1%96,52710.3%613,5519.3%
Feb '16400,97512.6%78,85211.7%479,82712.5%
Mar '16438,88210.0%90,61923.6%529,50112.1%
Apr '16433,8434.3%100,65740.4%534,5009.6%
May '16384,7154.9%85,50630.4%470,2218.7%
Jun '16380,0023.8%88,74728.9%468,7497.8%
Jul '16469,6054.0%107,44719.7%577,0526.6%
Aug '16427,0493.5%96,01427.3%523,0637.2%
Sep '16461,9411.7%97,79022.8%559,7314.8%
Oct '16488,0951.9%94,4829.8%582,5773.1%
Nov '16438,9111.8%85,90010.5%524,8113.1%
Dec '16483,0151.9%103,2197.3%586,2342.8%
Jan '17519,7180.5%104,5488.3%624,2661.7%
Feb '17388,084-3.2%78,8820%466,966-2.7%
Media Centre

The Gold Coast Airport media centre is a resource for journalists which aims to provide current information on airport activities and initiatives.

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Images and Filming

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Any filming and/or stills photography activity carried out for commercial purposes at Gold Coast Airport requires the prior written permission of Gold Coast Airport Management.

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Management and Governance

Gold Coast Airport is owned and operated by regional airport specialist Queensland Airports Limited (QAL).

The QAL corporate group structure provides specialist resources in functional areas to ensure an overarching corporate ethos to all airports owned by QAL. This group structure was designed to achieve synergies across all airports and deliver a sustainable return on investment to shareholders, stakeholders and customers.

The QAL Executive Management team: