To and From the Airport

Is there public transport available to and from Gold Coast Airport?
Visit our Transport page for more information about travel to/from Gold Coast Airport.

Does Gold Coast Airport have more than one terminal?
There is one main terminal at Gold Coast Airport. All domestic and international flights operate from this terminal.

How early do I need to be at the airport for my flight?
Most domestic airlines require you to be at the check in counter at least 45 minutes before departure. International airlines require passengers to check in at least two hours prior to departure. We encourage you to read all the available information provided to you by your airline as they will advise their preferred times.

How to do I get to and from Brisbane/Varsity Lakes/Robina? How long does it take?
There are a range of transport options available to/from Gold Coast Airport. For more information visit our Transport page.

At the Airport

Is the Airport open 24 hours?
No. Gold Coast Airport is open from 4:30am to 11:00 pm every day. For security reasons the terminal is in “lock down” between 11:00pm and 4:30am. Passengers and other persons are not permitted to enter the terminal during this time or sleep in the terminal overnight.

Does Gold Coast Airport operate on Queensland or New South Wales time?
Gold Coast Airport operates on Eastern standard time (Queensland time).

What is the weight limit I can take in my carry on luggage?
Please check with your airline for weight allowances on domestic and international flights. Airlines often include this information on the back of your flight itinerary.

Does Gold Coast Airport offer free WiFi?
Yes. The Gold Coast Airport offers fast, free WiFi throughout the terminal.

Is there international currency exchange at Gold Coast Airport?
There are two Travelex kiosks at Gold Coast Airport. One located outside international arrivals and one through security in the departures lounge.

Are there ATMs at Gold Coast Airport?
There are three multi-currency ATMs located within the Gold Coast Airport, allowing customer’s access to Japanese Yen, New Zealand and Australian Dollars. The rate and fee structure for the ATMs is set in line with our Gold Coast Airport stores and ranges from $2 to $25 per transaction.

Are there lockers available at Gold Coast Airport?
Lockers are located at the front of the terminal in the short term car park. Prices vary according to the number of hours required to store your luggage.

Do I have enough time to transit between International and Domestic terminals?
The international and domestic arrivals and departures are located within the same terminal building. If arriving from an international flight, proceed to the right as you exit the international arrivals area to check in. If you are arriving on a domestic flight, proceed through domestic arrivals corridor and upon exiting, turn left and the check in area is located within a short walking distance. Refer to the Checking In page for more information.

I need to leave a set of keys for someone to pick up. Where can I leave them?
The best option is to hire a locker and advise your friend/family of the code so that they can access your locker.

How do I find out if my flight is delayed?
Refer to the Flight Information Display Screen either on the Gold Coast Airport website or inside the terminal. Alternatively, you can contact your airline directly.

Who can I contact regarding lost property?
If you have left your property on board your flight, please contact your airline direct. If you have lost something in the terminal, please contact the terminal Duty Manager on (07) 5589 1209. Duty Managers are available seven days per week during airport operating hours.

Where do I go to reclaim my tax (GST) under the Tourist Refund Scheme?
The TRS desk can be found in the International Departures Lounge.

Is there a baggage wrapping facility at Gold Coast Airport?
Yes, this service is available from the Baggage Service kiosk located near check in.

Are there showers in the terminal?
No, there are no shower facilities located at Gold Coast Airport.

Why does the security processing take the time it does?
Security at Australian Airports is regulated by the Federal Government through the Department of Infrastructure and Transport. Gold Coast Airport must abide by federal legislation.


What are the opening hours for the car park?
You can access the car park 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Can I pre-book my parking at Gold Coast Airport?
Yes, visit our car parking page for car park options, prices and to book.

Can I pay for car parking by credit card?
Yes, swipe or tap (pay wave) your credit card at the entry and exit points. Pay stations are also located at the front of the terminal and in the car parks.

Why is there is no parking in front of the terminal?
Gold Coast Airport must abide by the security regulations determined by the Commonwealth Government. Passenger drop off and pick up area is a no parking zone. Passengers must be ready and waiting kerbside.

If I have a disabled sticker on my vehicle, can I stop in front of the terminal?
Drivers dropping off or picking up disabled person(s) at the front of the terminal must remain with the vehicle. This is due to increased security procedures implemented at all airports throughout Australia.

  • Vehicles displaying a disabled permit are permitted double the time in the pick and drop off area (2 minutes).
  • Drivers displaying a disabled permit must remain with their vehicle.

How do I find out about car parking offers?
Visit our car parking page or follow us on Facebook for the latest car park offers.

Aircraft Noise

Who do I contact about aircraft noise concerns?
Airservices Australia is a government-owned corporation providing safe and environmentally sound air traffic control management and related airside services to the aviation industry. Airservices Australia monitor aircraft noise levels at Australian airports.

Aircraft noise complaints:

The Airservices Australia Noise Enquiry Service can be contacted on:
Phone 1800 802 584 (freecall) or 1300 302 240 (local call)
or write to:
Noise Enquiry Service
PO Box 211
Mascot NSW 1460

How can I see what aircraft are flying over Gold Coast Airport?
Airservices Australia’s WebTrak program provides near real time information of aircraft movements to the community and aviation industry at major Australian airports. WebTrak for the Gold Coast can be viewed here.

How are flight paths chosen?
Ideally, aircraft fly by the most direct route and at the optimum altitude for reasons of economy and efficiency of flight operations. However, it is not always possible for aircraft to fly optimum routes because of noise and safety considerations and the competing demands of other airspace users.

Some factors that influence flight paths are:

  • Runway orientation
  • The need to separate arriving and departing aircraft
  • The need to provide an appropriate safety buffer around aircraft following the same path or on intersecting paths
  • The need to integrate the flight paths for each airport in the region
  • Avoidance of hills or other obstructions
  • Minimisation of noise impact where possible
  • Weather conditions
  • Avoidance of restricted airspace (usually for security or safety reasons)
  • Efficient use of airspace

What are flight paths and flight zones?
While flight paths are often depicted as single lines on a map, it is not possible for all aircraft following a particular flight path to fly along the same line. In practice, flight paths tend to be corridors that can be a number of kilometres wide.

Flight paths show where the aircraft fly most of the time, flight zones are also shown to describe in more general terms the airspace that may be used by aircraft operating to and from the airport. The flight zones include all the flight paths and adjacent airspace which may be used by aircraft for safety and other operational reasons. Aircraft will be seen and heard anywhere in the flight zone around an airport.

Aircraft operating at low altitudes creating the most noise are generally found within a radius of about 10 nautical miles (19km) from the aerodrome. For example, an aircraft preparing to land would be at an altitude of about 3000 feet (approximately 900m) at 10 nautical miles from the runway threshold. Departing aircraft are usually higher than arriving aircraft at equal distances from the aerodrome. Aircraft will, of course, also be seen and heard outside this 10 nautical mile radius.

Why does Gold Coast Airport have a curfew?
Gold Coast Airport is regulated by the Federal Government under the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development. The curfew at Gold Coast Airport is between 11.00pm – 6.00am Queensland time.

What is RNP and how will it affect aircraft noise?
RNP (Required Navigation Performance) is a way of defining the navigation capability of an aircraft, taking into account the performance of the avionics, on-board systems and flight characteristics.

How many flight movements does Gold Coast Airport have per day?
At the present time Gold Coast Airport has up to 800 aircraft movements per day including both jet operations and general aviation aircraft.


How does Gold Coast Airport consult with the community?
The Airport Noise Abatement Consultative Committee (ANACC) has been very successful conduit for us to communicate proactively to our local community.
The Community Aviation Consultation Committee to help facilitate greater community consultation, particularly on planning and development activities on the airport.
Visit our Community pages for more information.

What is the Gold Coast Airport Ambassador Program?
The program aims to equip volunteers with the ability to provide exceptional customer service to passengers and visitors, to ultimately deliver a positive and lasting impression of the Gold Coast Airport and its facilities. For more information visit Airport Ambassadors.


How do I provide feedback on my experience at Gold Coast Airport?
To provide feedback, or make a complaint about your experience at Gold Coast Airport, please visit our Feedback page and complete the form.

What is Gold Coast Airport’s commitment to environmental sustainability?
Gold Coast Airport operates under the Airports Act 1996 and Airports (Environmental Protection) Regulations 1997. For more information click here.