Gold Coast Airport is committed to providing facilities that promote accessibility for all members of the community, including passengers and visitors with disabilities or special needs.  The single level terminal building boasts every modern convenience for passengers and visitors to ensure your time in our airport is as hassle-free and enjoyable as possible.

Before you travel

Please tell your airline or travel agent when making your reservation that you have a disability and the assistance you will require. This will enable the airline to inform you and where required, make suitable arrangements at the airport or during the flight to assist you. Please ensure you allow plenty of time before your flight to arrive at the airport.


Disabled parking spaces are clearly marked and are located in all public car parks at Gold Coast Airport. These are reserved for passengers with cars displaying the disability card. Kerbside rampways are provided to assist people with disabilities to move from car parks and the street to the sidewalk into the terminal building.

Terminal Facilities
  • The airport has a number of disabled toilet amenities along with brail signage to these facilities for the vision-impaired.
  • Wheelchairs are available upon request from individual airlines. Please see the friendly staff located at the terminal should you require assistance.
  • To assist our hearing impaired passengers and visitors, a hearing loop has been installed in the terminal.

All travellers are legally required to undergo the same level of security checks. Please advise security staff if you have a condition or require special assistance. If you use a wheelchair or other form of mobility assistance device, security will scan you with a hand-held detector or conduct a physical search with your consent. There is a privacy room, should you request this.

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