Meet our featured artist


Sam Gowing is a multidisciplinary Gold Coast-based artist whose creative journey spans over three decades. Sam’s artistic curiosity is focused on the world around us, as she holds a profound passion for the environment, the ocean, and native wildlife. More recently, her focus has shifted towards the vulnerability of our fellow creatures on this planet. Sam firmly believes in the influence of art within our environment, recognising its potential to subconsciously shape our feelings and attitudes toward place, nature, and sustainability. With her work, she aims to inspire a deeper connection to the world we inhabit and the responsibility we bear toward its preservation.

The artwork
Basking In The Sun – Eastern Water Dragons

On Sam’s first day on the Gold Coast, she walked to the top of Burleigh Hill (Jellurgal), where she felt something touch her big toe. It was a water dragon’s welcome to her new home, and the moment she fell in love with these beautiful prehistoric lizards. She loves their stillness, the way they pose like statues, calm against the ever-changing waters, stoic and hopeful symbols of endurance in an uncertain world.


March 18, 2024
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