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Safety comes in all shapes and sizes at airport

October 18, 2019

From mental health workshops and yoga classes, to spot checks for speeding baggage tugs and debris on the airfield, a wide range of safety initiatives will be highlighted at Gold Coast Airport this week.

The initiatives are being held to mark Airport Safety Week, with Gold Coast Airport joining more than 150 airports across Australia and New Zealand participating in the vital program, which is run by the Australian Airports Association (AAA) and NZ Airports Association.

Gold Coast Airport Acting Chief Operating Officer Brett Curtis said safety was the number one priority for airports.

“There is a raft of activities and roles that contribute to airport safety each day,” he said.

“Airports safety week provides us with the opportunity to shine a light on these and ensure the wider airport community has a deeper understanding of this crucial area.”

A wide range of activities will be offered to airport employees, stakeholders and contractors this week, with a range of themes, including human factors in safety, promoting a just safety culture, foreign object debris, wellness in the workplace and safety management systems.

A special walk of the runway will be conducted at sunrise on Wednesday – before flight operations begin – to illustrate the lengths undertaken to ensure the airfield is safe for operations.

“The first task our aerodrome reporting officers undertake when they come on shift every morning is to inspect the airfield to ensure it is clear of any foreign object debris, better known as FOD,” Mr Curtis said.

“Anything from a random piece of paper that might have blown onto our property overnight, to vegetation or rock matter or even something like a stray snake which may wander onto the tarmac, is considered FOD and quickly removed.

“Inspections of the airfield continue all day long, to ensure the airfield is safe at all times. We live by the mantra If it’s odd, it’s FOD.”

Gold Coast Airport team members will this week attend onsite morning yoga classes, skin and health checks and mental health awareness workshops.

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