Parking Infringement Notices (PINS)

Drivers failing to comply with parking restrictions will be issued a Parking Infringement Notice (PIN). Infringements are issued pursuant to the "Airports (Control of On-Airport Activities) Regulations 1997" and the Australian Road Rules (ARR).

If you wish to appeal the fine please do so in writing, including reference to the PIN / Notice number and vehicle registration number. Only written appeals can be accepted.

If you were not the person in charge of the motor vehicle at the time of the offence, you may request the matter be reviewed by Gold Coast Airport by completing a Statutory Declaration.

Phone Enquiries - 07 5589 1110

Postal address

Gold Coast Airport PIN Department
PO Box 112

Email address - using PIN / Notice number as the subject:

Payment Options

1. Cheque or Australia Post Money order made payable to Gold Coast Airport Pty Ltd, please quote PIN / Notice number, vehicle registration number and include address for receipt.

2. Visa or Mastercard by phone to 07 5589 1110 during office hours or by mail with PIN / Notice number, vehicle registration number and include address for receipt.

3. Paying in person - Airport Central, Level 1, 1 Eastern Ave, Bilinga during office hours.

4. Other methods please phone 07 5589 1110 during office hours or email

Office Hours

8.30 am to 4.30 pm Monday to Friday except public holidays and weekends.

Penalty Fees

From the 28th December 2012 the value of parking fines will increase.

These fine amounts are dependant on the "penalty units" value of the particular ARR breached which has not altered since 1997

Federal Parliament has amend the Commonwealth Crimes Act 1995 including increasing the value of a penalty unit to $170 (previously $110). The penalty unit amount used for PINS is set by this Act.

Under the Regulations the airports are authorised to issue parking infringement notices for offences against the Australian Road Rules. Regulation 147 provides the notice penalty for an infringement notice offence to be one-fifth of the maximum penalty for the offence.