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Our international passengers can take full advantage of our Duty Free Store available for both inbound and outbound passengers.

Duty Free Allowances
Travellers are allowed to bring into Australia the following goods duty/tax free. Goods bought overseas or bought duty/tax free before leaving Australia are included when determining your duty free allowance.

  • A$900 worth of goods not including tobacco or alcohol (A$450 for travellers under 18 years of age). For example, cameras, electronic equipment, leather goods, perfume concentrate, jewellery, watches, sporting goods, etc.
  • 2250ml alcoholic liquor (including wine, beer or spirits) for travellers aged 18 years and over.
  • Tobacco – 50 cigarettes or 50 grams of cigars or tobacco products other than cigarettes, for travellers aged 18 years and over.
  • Most personal items such as new clothing, footwear, articles for personal hygiene/grooming.
  • Personal goods owned and used by you for at least 12 months can also be bought into Australia without payment of duty and tax (proof of purchase may be required).
  • Personal goods do not include motor vehicles and motor vehicles parts regardless of the length of time used and owned.

Members of the same family who are travelling together may combine their individual duty/tax free allowances. Gifts (given to you or intended for others) are counted as part of the A$900 duty free allowance.

Go to www.customs.gov.au for more information.

The Know Before You Go pdf contains further information for travellers GuideForTravellers.pdf

Duty Free Specials
Visit Duty Free Stores Website for a list of the latest specials available at Gold Coast Airport for passengers arriving or departing on international flights. Find out more…