Gold Coast Airport Pty Ltd (GCAPL) is committed to innovation, improvement and excellence in customer service.

GCAPL is pleased to announce that we have implemented a new electronic payment system, “Gold Coast Airport Ground Transport Gateway”, designed to deliver a fairer basis for charging, as well as increased efficiency and a better experience for Ground Transport Operators (GTO’s) at the Airport.

The new Gold Coast Airport Ground Transport Gateway is an electronic collection system designed to control access to the ground transport facilities by use of RFID technology.

All Ground Transport operators must ensure they are registered, approved and have an RFID sticker on their vehicle to gain access to the Small Coach & Limousine and Large Bus parking areas.

If you would like to register as a Ground Transport Operator at Gold Coast Airport please click on the link below to register on the online portal.

If you are not registered as a Ground Transport Operator with Gold Coast Airport and would like to use the Small Coach and Limousine parking area or Large Bus Bay for a one-off pick up for passengers it is essential that you register your visit in advance by phoning the Ground Transport Office on 07 5589 1110 or alternatively emailing The cost of an unlicensed one-off visit is $10 and will need to be paid in person at the car park office located to the right of the main car park exit, before exiting.

Ground Transport Operators

There are two designated parking areas for passenger pick-up (see maps below);

The Small Coach & Limousine Parking area – located at the northern end of the rental car park (Facility Fee:$4 per visit)

Large Bus Carousel-located at the northern end of Terminal 1 (Facility Fee $8 per visit)

The cost of an unlicensed one-off visit in the above parking area’s is $10.

A Ground Transport Drop Off Zone is situated at the northern end of Terminal 1 for passenger set down.

Rental Car 

Subject to availability, Second Tier Car Rental companies can apply to lease designated parking bays. The annual parking bay fee is detailed on the application form.

Ground Transport Gateway


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