Gold Coast Airport reviews Project LIFT redevelopment timeline

Gold Coast Airport is reviewing the delivery program for the airport redevelopment, which will see the building work delivered in 2019.

The decision was made to review the project timeline because the Airport was concerned about how close the finish date of new building works comes to the start of the 2018 Commonwealth Games and the risk that it may not be completed on time.

A range of work to improve the customer experience leading up to and during the Games will be carried out at the Airport, including expanding the apron capacity and a transformation of the check-in area, introducing self-check-in and bag drop services in mid-2017.

Gold Coast Airport is well equipped to deal with the passenger numbers expected during the 2018 Commonwealth Games. The Airport already deals with similar projected passenger numbers during peak times, such as Christmas. It is estimated that as many as 12,000 people, including 1,300 Games family, could be departing the day after the closing ceremony. On January 3 2016, almost 24,000 passengers were welcomed and farewelled at the Airport.

Known as Project LIFT, the redevelopment of Gold Coast Airport’s terminal facilities will increase the terminal’s capacity to meet future demand to 2023.

Driven by long-term passenger growth, Project LIFT has a number of features, including the expansion of the terminal building, five additional aircraft parking stands and a consolidated ground transport facility.

Gold Coast Airport is committed to Project LIFT as it is crucial the city’s development momentum continues after this major event. Project LIFT will deliver better services and create jobs and economic opportunities for the Gold Coast and Northern New South Wales regions.

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Approval for the draft Major Development Plan was provided by the former Federal Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development, the Hon Warren Truss MP on 10 February 2016, following extensive consultation with the community and other key stakeholders.

The draft has since been finalised, in consultation with the Federal Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development, and is now available as a final Major Development Plan.

Changes to the preliminary draft Major Development Plan, arising from written comments received during the 60 day public comment period (7 July 2015 to 30 September 2015) have been incorporated into the final Major Development Plan.

The final Project LIFT Major Development Plan can be downloaded free of charge from this website for a period of 180 days.

Printed copies can also be viewed and are available for purchase for $25 (including GST and postage) from the:

Gold Coast Airport Management Centre
Level 1 Airport Central Building
1 Eastern Ave Bilinga Qld 4225

Click the button to download the complete Major Development Plan (21mb) or use the links below to download individual sections.

PART A – (4.9mb)
PART B – (17.2mb)

Project Overview
The Team
The Environment
Noise & Traffic
Flora & Fauna
Frequently Asked Questions
Approval Letter