Is the Airport open 24 hours?

No. The Gold Coast Airport Terminal is open from 4:30am and closes at 11:00 pm every day. For security reasons the Terminal is “locked down” between 11:00 pm and 4:30 am and therefore passengers, and other persons, are not permitted to enter the Terminal during this time, nor sleep in the Terminal overnight. Gold Coast Airport car parks open at 5:00am and close after the last flight arrival has cleared. For overnight accommodation options, please click here.

What time does Gold Coast Airport operate on New South Wales or Queensland?

Gold Coast Airport operates on Eastern standard time (Queensland time).

Does Gold Coast Airport have more than one terminal?

There is one main terminal at Gold Coast Airport.  All airlines operate from Terminal 1.  This terminal hosts domestic and international arrivals and departures.

How do I provide feedback on my experience at Gold Coast Airport?

For further information on Gold Coast Airport or to provide feedback, please phone (07) 5589 1100 between 8.00 am – 5.00 pm weekdays. You can also contact the Duty Managers within the Terminal, located at the northern end of Terminal 1, by phoning (07) 5589 1209. Duty Managers are available seven days per week during airport operating hours.

If you would like to provide any feedback to Gold Coast Airport or have a complaint about your experience within the Airport, please email or phone our reception during office hours on (07) 5589 1100.

Where is Tiger located?

Tiger Airways operate out of Terminal 1, along with all other airlines.

Is there international currency exchange at Gold Coast Airport?

There are two Travelex kiosks located in Terminal 1 at Gold Coast Airport. There is one located directly outside international arrivals and one located just through security in the departures lounge.

Are there ATMs at Gold Coast Airport?

Travelex currently has three multi-currency ATMs located within the Gold Coast Airport, allowing customer’s fast self service access to Japanese Yen, New Zealand and Australian Dollars. The rate and fee structure for the ATMs is set in line with our Gold Coast Airport stores and ranges from $2 to $25 per transaction. For any further foreign exchange inquiries please contact the store directly on 07 5536 8249.

Are there lockers available at Gold Coast Airport?

Lockers are available at Gold Coast Airport in various sizes. Prices vary according to the number of hours required to store your luggage. Sizes available:
Extra large: 1700mm high, 450mm wide, 900mm deep
Large: 870mm high, 450mm wide, 900mm deep
Medium: 500mm high, 450mm wide and 900mm deep
Small: 400mm high and 450mm wide and 900mm deep

More information on costs can be found here

Do I have enough time to transit between International and Domestic terminals.

The international and domestic  arrivals and departures are all located within the main terminal (T1), which means that rechecking is an easy process. If arriving from an international flight, proceed to the right as you exit the international arrivals area, and check in will be located on the right. If you are arriving  on a domestic flight, proceed through domestic arrivals corridor and upon exiting, turn left and the check in area is located  within a short walking distance. Please refer to the check in page for more information.

I need to leave a set of keys for someone to pick up. Where can I leave them?

The best option is to hire a locker and advise your friend/family of the code so that they can access your locker. Lockers are centrally located directly in front  of the main terminal (T1) between the terminal and the car park. Locker hire prices can be found here. (link to lockers section on website)

How do I find out if my flight is delayed?

Refer to the Flight Information Display System (FIDS) either on the Gold Coast Airport website or inside the terminal. Alternatively you can contact your airline direct.

What is the weight limit I can take in my carry on luggage?

Please check with the airline you are flying with for weight allowances on domestic and international flights. Airlines often include this information on the back of your flight itinerary/eticket.
More information on what you can take on board can be found in Security and Customs.

Who can I contact regarding lost property?

If you have left your property on board your flight, please contact your airline direct. If however you have lost something in the terminal, please contact the terminal Duty Manager on (07) 5589 1209. Duty Managers are available seven days per week during airport operating hours.

Where do I go to reclaim my tax (GST) under the Tourist Refund Scheme?

The TRS desk can be found in the International Departures Lounge. More information can be found here.

Is there a baggage wrapping facility at Gold Coast Airport?

Yes, Baggage Service is located opposite the Virgin check-in counter and is open from 6:00am. If unattended, please use the direct phone located on the store counter to receive after hours service until 10:00pm.

More information on costs can be found here

Are there showers in the terminal?

No. There are no shower facilities located at Gold Coast Airport.

How can I get to Brisbane/Varsity Lakes/Robina? How long does it take?

There are a range of transport options available from Gold Coast Airport. Bus service (#761) connects to Varsity Lakes and Robina train stations. From here, the train line runs north to Brisbane. If travelling by bus from Gold Coast Airport to Varsity Station and then connecting via train, this will take approximately 2 hours to get to Brisbane Central Station. To travel from Gold Coast Airport to Varsity Lakes Station by bus, it will take approximately 30 minutes. From Gold Coast Airport to Robina Station it will take approximately 40 minutes by bus.
More information can be found on the Transport page

How early do I have to be at the airport before my flight?

With extra security now at the airport you are required to check in 45 minutes prior to departure for domestic flights and 90 minutes prior to departure for international flights. Please check with your airline for specific times.

Can I pre-book my parking at Gold Coast Airport?Pre-booking facilities are not currently available. However this facility will likely be available in early 2011.

How much will it cost to park at Gold Coast Airport?

A number of parking options are available at Gold Coast Airport including the new 950 space open air car park. Find out more information on our parking page, where you will also find a car park calculator to determine the cost.

Why is there is no parking in front of the terminal?

Gold Coast Airport must abide by the security regulations determined by the Commonwealth Government.
Gold Coast Airport is a ‘Restricted Parking Zone’ – no parking area unless otherwise authorised. Passenger drop off and collection at the terminal is restricted to the following:

  • Passenger set down is allowed at the front of the terminals as per signage. Australian Road Rule 168 for ‘No Parking’ signs, states drivers must remain with their vehicles and are to drive on within the required time of 1 minute.
  • Vehicles displaying a disabled permit sticker are permitted double the time in the pickup/drop off area (as per Australian Road Rule 206) – meaning drivers with a disabled sticker can park for 2 minutes at the passenger set down area (instead of the 1 minute allocation given to other vehicles).
  • Drivers of vehicles displaying a disabled permit sticker must still remain with their vehicle; they cannot leave their vehicle unattended.
  • The regulations surrounding ‘Bus Zones’ (Australian Road Rule 183) and ‘Loading Zones’ for authorised vehicles (Australian Road Rule 179) remain consistent for all vehicles – there are no exceptions for drivers displaying a disabled permit sticker.
  • There are clearly marked spaces forvehicles displaying disabled permit stickers in both the short and long-term car parks at Gold Coast Airport. They are located closest to the walkways.

If I have a disabled sticker on my vehicle, can I stop in front of the terminal?

Drivers dropping off or picking up disabled person(s) kerbside at the front of both Terminals must remain with the vehicle. This is due to increased security procedures implemented at all airports throughout Australia. Gold Coast Airport must abide by the security regulations determined by the Commonwealth Government.

Gold Coast Airport must abide by the security regulations determined by the Commonwealth Government. Gold Coast Airport is a ‘Restricted Parking Zone’ – no parking area unless otherwise authorised. Passenger drop off and collection at the terminal is restricted to the following:

  • Vehicles displaying a disabled permit sticker are permitted double the time in the pickup/drop off area (as per Australian Road Rule 206) – meaning drivers with a disabled sticker can park for 2 minutes at the passenger set down area (instead of the 1 minute allocation given to other vehicles).
  • Drivers of vehicles displaying a disabled permit sticker must still remain with their vehicle; they cannot leave their vehicle unattended.

Should the driver need to leave the vehicle to assist the passenger, a number of alternate options are available:

Option 1: Arrange for a third person to travel to the airport with the driver to escort the disabled person(s) into the Terminal whilst the driver remains with the vehicle.

Option 2: Parking your vehicle in the disabled parking positions located in the car park within close proximity to the Terminal. If you enter and exit the car park within 10 minutes it is free.

Option 3: There are public transport vehicles that are able to transfer you to the airport and drop you at the front of Terminal 1 including taxis, hire cars and buses.

What are the future plans for development at Gold Coast Airport?

The Gold Coast Airport Master Plan outlines the proposed development on the airport over the next 20 years. Please click here to see the current Airport Master Plan.

Who do I contact about aircraft noise concerns?

Airservices Australia is government-owned corporation providing safe and environmentally sound air traffic control management and related airside services to the aviation industry. Airservices Australia monitor aircraft noise levels at Australian airports.

Aircraft noise complaints:
The Airservices Australia Noise Enquiry Service can be contacted on:
Phone 1800 802 584 (freecall) or 1300 302 240 (local call)
or write to:
Noise Enquiry Service
PO Box 211
Mascot NSW 1460

The Airservices Australia website has detailed information about the noise and flight path monitoring; flight paths and flight zones in Australia. The Australian aviation industry is continually striving to minimise the effects of aircraft noise on communities and many advances have been made in recent years. These have included the revision of flight path arrangements, introduction of curfews, phasing out of older, noisier aircraft, and the development of strict planning controls by many councils.

How can I see what aircraft are flying over Gold Coast Airport?

Airservices Australia has introduced a new web-based program to enable the community to track aircraft movements. WebTrak provides near real time information of aircraft movements to the community and aviation industry at major Australian airports. WebTrak can be viewed here.

How are flight paths chosen?

Ideally, aircraft fly by the most direct route and at the optimum altitude for reasons of economy and efficiency of flight operations. However, it is not always possible for aircraft to fly optimum routes because of noise and safety considerations and the competing demands of other airspace users.
Some of the factors that influence flight paths are:

  • runway orientation
  • the need to separate arriving and departing aircraft
  • the need to provide an appropriate safety buffer around aircraft following the same path or on intersecting paths
  • the need to integrate the flight paths for each airport in the region
  • aircraft performance limitations, e.g. rate of turn, climb and descent rates
  • avoidance of hills or other obstructions
  • minimisation of noise impact where possible
  • weather conditions
  • avoidance of restricted airspace, (usually for security or safety reasons)
  • efficient use of airspace.

What are flight paths and flight zones?

While flight paths are often depicted as single lines on a map, it is not possible for all aircraft following a particular flight path to fly precisely along the same line. In practice, flight paths tend to be corridors that can be a number of kilometres wide.

Whereas flight paths show where the aircraft fly most of the time, flight zones are also shown to describe in more general terms the airspace that may be used by aircraft operating to and from the airport. The flight zones include all the flight paths and adjacent airspace which may be used by aircraft for safety and other operational reasons. At some times, aircraft will be seen and heard anywhere in the flight zone around an airport.

Aircraft operating at low altitudes creating the most noise are generally found within a radius of about 10 nautical miles (19km) from the aerodrome. For example, an aircraft preparing to land would be at an altitude of about 3000 feet (approximately 900 m) at 10 nautical miles from the runway threshold. Departing aircraft are usually higher than arriving aircraft at equal distances from the aerodrome. Aircraft will, of course, also be seen and heard outside this 10 nautical mile radius.

Why does Gold Coast Airport have a curfew?

Gold Coast Airport is regulated by the Federal Government under the Department of Infrastructure and Transport. The curfew at Gold Coast Airport is between 11.00 pm – 6.00 am (2300 – 0600), Queensland time.
For more information on curfew restrictions and dispensation guidelines click here.

What will happen as flights increase in the future?

The Gold Coast Airport Master Plan (2006) provides information on the projected growth of aircraft movements.

What is RNP and how will it affect aircraft noise?

RNP (Required Navigation Performance) is a way of defining the navigation capability of an aircraft, taking into account the performance of the avionics, on-board systems and flight characteristics. For more information, refer to the Airservices website.

How many flight movements does Gold Coast Airport have per day?

At the present time Gold Coast Airport has up to 800 aircraft movements per day including both jet operations and general aviation aircraft.

Why does the security processing take the time it does?

Security at Australian Airports is regulated by the Federal Government through the Department of Infrastructure and Transport. Gold Coast Airport must abide by federal legislation.

What can I do before arriving at the airport if I have special needs as a passenger?

To request assistance, please contact your airline directly when making a reservation and advise them if you have any special needs requirements. This will enable the airline to inform you and, where required, make suitable arrangements at the airport or during the flight to assist you.
Please refer to your airline’s Conditions of Carriage for all information relating to passenger assistance.

Does Gold Coast Airport have disabled access facilities?

Gold Coast Airport wants to ensure that our customers with special needs are able to travel as comfortably and hassle-free as possible. A Disability Access Facilitation Plan has been produced for Gold Coast Airport and details the services and facilities available for our passengers with special needs. Click here for more information.

Is there disabled parking available?

Accessible parking for the mobility impaired is provided within all public carparks at Gold Coast Airport. These spaces are reserved for disabled parking and may only be used by those who are genuinely disabled. For this reason, vehicles parking in these designated areas must display a valid Disability Parking Permit on the vehicle while parked.
There are 55 disabled parking bays in the Gold Coast Airport car parks, including 21 in the short-term car park, 14 in the undercover long-term car park and 15 in the outdoor long-term car park.

I am travelling with young children – is there anything I should know before arriving at the Airport?

Flying with children is often described as the most rewarding and challenging part of the holiday experience. A good flight can be a great start to a family holiday or an exhausting one! At Gold Coast Airport we want to make your family holiday as enjoyable as possible, so we have put together some helpful information to plan your next family flight. Please visit flying with children page.

How does Gold Coast Airport consult with the community?

At Gold Coast Airport we understand that we have obligations and responsibilities to the communities we serve, the industries we are part of, the environment in which we work, and to our shareholders.

Gold Coast Airport has demonstrated our strong commitment to community consultation and will continue to take a proactive approach to communicating with our local community as well as our local, state and Federal Government representatives.

At Gold Coast Airport, our established Airport Noise Abatement Consultative Committee (ANACC) has been a very successful conduit for us to communicate proactively with our local community, with a particular focus on noise abatement strategies. We will continue to facilitate the Gold Coast Airport ANACC which focuses specifically on aircraft noise issues in the local community. We remain committed to engaging with our local community and committing to a timely response to their concerns. View our community page for more information.

Community Aviation Consultation Committees

Gold Coast Airport is establishing a local Community Aviation Consultation Committee to help facilitate greater community consultation, particularly on planning and development activities on the airport. These Community Aviation Consultation Committees are part of the Federal Government’s Aviation White Paper recommendations and subsequent Airports Act Amendment Bill. For more information click here.

How do I get a job at Gold Coast Airport?

Gold Coast Airport, through our parent company Queensland Airports Limited, is always looking for like-minded thinkers that have a passion for innovation and want to become part of a group of regional aviation specialists. Click here to see current employment opportunities at Gold Coast Airport or within the QAL Group.

What is Gold Coast Airport’s commitment to environmental sustainability?

Gold Coast Airport operates under the Airports Act 1996 and Airports (Environmental Protection) Regulations 1997 (administered by the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government).

The current Airport Environment Strategy for Gold Coast Airport was approved in early 2010.
Download the current PDF of the Airport Environment Strategy

Gold Coast Airport also has an environmental policy.
Download the current PDF OF GCAPL’S Environment Policy

Our parent company Queensland Airports Limited (QAL) has a holistic approach to environmental sustainability. We want to ensure our business efficiency meets our visitor and community expectations and that, where practical, our environmental management practices go beyond legislative compliance. QAL has embarked on a program of addressing the twin challenges of sustainability (responding to global challenges such as climate change) and business efficiency (in light of rising costs and stakeholder expectations) across the Group.

For more information on QAL’s environmental sustainability click here.