Gold Coast Airport Management Centre

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Phone +617 5589 1100
+617 5536 2838
Address: Level 1, Airport Central, Eastern Avenue, Bilinga Q 4225.

Communication and feedback
For further information on Gold Coast Airport or to provide feedback, please phone (07) 5589 1100 between 8.00 am – 5.00 pm weekdays. If you would like to provide any feedback to Gold Coast Airport or have a complaint about your experience within the Airport, please Contact us via email or phone our reception during office hours on (07) 5589 1100.

Lost property
If you have lost your property within the terminal, please contact the on-site Duty Managers, located at the northern end of Terminal 1, by phoning (07) 5589 1209. Duty Managers are available seven days per week during airport operating hours. If you have left property on your flight, please contact your airline directly.

If you are seeking sponsorship from Gold Coast Airport, please review our sponsorship policy, and ensure that any written proposals for sponsorship address the GCAPL sponsorship criteria.

Media Enquiries
Gold Coast Airport works closely with our industry partners to ensure all media are catered for when working at our airports. Through our parent company Queensland Airports Limited (QAL), Gold Coast Airport is supported by a Corporate Affairs department to assist the needs of media.We welcome media for special tours of our airport facilities; or other media and editorial requests.

If you are interested in media information about Gold Coast Airport; a media familiarisation; have a filming enquiry; or are seeking images of the airport; please contact the QAL Corporate Affairs department.

Corporate Affairs contacts
Melissa Pearce
Communications Manager
Queensland Airports Limited
P: +61 7 5589 1196
Contact Melissa via email

Karen Harrigan
Corporate Affairs Coordinator
Queensland Airports Limited
P: +61 7 5589 1107
Contact Karen via email

Advertising Opportunities

To enquire about advertising space within the airport please contact Interspace Indoor Advertising on 1800 072 430 or visit

Website Advertising
To enquire about advertising space on our website please contact our advertising agency for rates and further information. Click here to submit an enquiry.

Advertising Proposals  
Advertising proposals for consideration by Gold Coast Airport can be forwarded via email