Aircraft noise is an important issue that is managed by Airservices Australia ( – a government-owned corporation providing safe and environmentally aware air traffic control management and related airside services to the aviation industry. All issues relating to aircraft noise are handled by Airservices Australia and not the individual airports.

Gold Coast Airport is part of an established Airport Noise Abatement Consultative Committee (ANACC) established to communicate with the local community, with a particular focus on noise abatement strategies. ANACC focuses specifically on aircraft noise issues in the local community.

The purpose of the Gold Coast Airport ANACC is;

  • Examination of aircraft noise complaints and handling;
  • Revision, implementation and adherence to Aircraft Noise Abatement Procedures;
  • Revision, implementation and adherence to flight paths;
  • Timely provision of aircraft noise and flight path monitoring system information;
  • airport master planning; and
  • Public information and education programs about noise related aspects of Aircraft operations.

The Committee will also be consulted on matters including the production of Australian Noise Exposure Forecasts (ANEFs) for the Airport, and on matters relating to any future aircraft noise amelioration program for residences and public buildings around the Airport.

The Committee is comprised of representatives endorsed by local community groups, aviation representatives and government representatives.


The ANACC website can be accessed here. (


Aviation Sector

  • Gold Coast Airport Pty Ltd (1)
  • Airservices Australia (2)
    • Air Traffic Services
    • Environment Branch
  • Major airline representative (2)
  • General Aviation Representative (1)

Community Representatives

  • Community representatives from residential areas from both the northern (5) and southern (5) sides of the Airport. (Total 10).

(Note: Community organisations may propose issues for the Committee’s consideration through the ten community representatives or in writing to the Chairperson who may also invite Community Organisations to attend a Meeting and make representations).

Government Representatives

  • Federal Department of Transport and Regional Services (1)
  • Gold Coast City Council (1)
  • Tweed Shire Council (1)
  • Federal Member for Richmond (1)
  • Federal Member for McPherson (1)


Glossary of Terms