Gold Coast Airport has established a local Community Aviation Consultation Group (CACG) to help facilitate greater community consultation, particularly on planning and development activities on the airport. These Community Aviation Consultation Groups are part of the Federal Government’s Aviation White Paper recommendations and subsequent Airports Act Amendment Bill.

The Gold Coast Airport CACG Chair is Air Marshal Les Fisher AO (Retd). Air Marshal Fisher is an independent Chairperson.

The purpose of the Gold Coast Airport Community Aviation Consultation Group (CACG) is to ensure the effective exchange of aviation information between all responsible and affected parties. The CACG membership is by invitation only with fair and equitable representation from both sides of the border encompassing the interests of the broader community. CACG members will span a diverse cross-section of the Gold Coast and Tweed communities including aviation and government officials, tourism and business leaders and local community representatives. The CACG will be used to exchange information on issues relating to Gold Coast Airport operations and their impacts.

The CACG is for consultation purposes only and is not a decision-making body (as stipulated in the Federal Government’s Aviation White Paper). The CACG will:

  • Provide a forum for the exchange of information and ideas between airport operators, the community, governments, users and other relevant stakeholders; and
  • Allow the concerns of interested parties to be raised and taken into account by airport operators, thereby fostering a sense of collaboration, empowerment and transparency in decision-making.


The CACG will provide updates to the community members and industry representatives on:

  • Airport development activities (including the Airport Master Plan)
  • Airport environment initiatives (including the Airport Environment Strategy)
  • New airport activity (such as new services) or changes to aviation services
  • Planning, regulatory and policy changes affecting the airport
  • Changes to airport facilities
  • Access issues including for people with special needs
  • Economic contribution of the airport (including the Airport Economic Impact Study)


Relevant updates will also be provided to the CACG from government departments including Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development; Airservices Australia and CASA.

For further information on the CACG please visit

Community Engagement
Gold Coast Airport has demonstrated our strong commitment to community consultation and will continue to take a proactive approach to communicating with our local community as well as our local, state and Federal Government representatives.

At Gold Coast Airport, our established Airport Noise Abatement Consultative Committee (ANACC) has been a very successful conduit for us to communicate proactively with our local community, with a particular focus on noise abatement strategies. We will continue to facilitate the Gold Coast Airport ANACC which focuses specifically on aircraft noise issues in the local community. We remain committed to engaging with our local community and committing to a timely response to their concerns. Read more about the ANACC.