Baggage lockers image

The lockers are located opposite the car rentals office towards the front of the central pedestrian access path from the main car park. click here for location.

  • The AUD hire amount is determined by locker size (see table below)
  • Payment types – Credit card, AUD notes and coins
  • The service is available 24 hours a day
  • Lockers are single use only

How they work

  • Customers use a touch-screen interface at the locker rental station to rent a locker.
  • Customers can pay for locker rental using cash, credit card or pay wave.
  • The customer selects what size locker they require and pays for the 24-hour hire.
  • The customer generates a unique 6-digit PIN code and opens a locker.
  • The customer places their belongings into the open locker, then closes the door.
  • The 3-digit locker number and the 6-digit PIN code are entered at the rental station to reopen the locker.
 Locker size Total (per 24 hour period)
Small $AUD 10.00
Medium $AUD 12.00
Large $AUD 14.00
Extra Large $AUD 18.00